Photos of Chernobyl Victims

The 26 April 1986 responsible for NPP Chernobyl emergency drill conducted in its reactor number four, but something went wrong (very bad), causing an explosion that released huge amounts of radioactivity.

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Three days later, the nearly 50,000 people that had the city were evicted without further with clothes on. They left everything frozen in time, their homes, appliances, furniture, clothing, car … everything ..! and never returned to that place.

Chernobyl disaster

Although the flight, many people were affected. Even we know that currently there is havoc. People with strange deformities and rare diseases, which appear in this post.




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Chernobyle Children Project International


Chernobyl's Tiniest Victims

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Deaths due to the Chernobyl disaster

Chernobyl - The Aftermath

Humanity for Chernobyl

Kids born to mothers exposed to high radiation at Chernobyl reactor


A childcrys as he receives medical atten Minsk-Chernobyl-child

Veznova, Belarus. Natasha Popova (12) and Vadim Kuleshov ((8), Natasha was born with microcephaly, Vadim has a bone disease and a mental disorder. Since Chernobyl there is an increase of children with physical or mental handicaps, especially in Belarus wh

photos of chernobyl victims

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the Chernobyl disaster

Chernobyl - The Aftermath